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We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
If your online reviews are anything less than amazing - you are losing more money than you could imagine

If your online reviews are anything less than amazing - you are losing more money than you could imagine

If your online reviews are anything less than amazing - you are losing more money than you could imagine

Whether you’re a brick and mortar business seeking more foot traffic or a thriving enterprise looking to expand globally, your online reputation holds the power to make or break your success.

Here’s some eye-opening data that underscores why reputation management is one of the fastest-growing digital sectors:

  • An improvement of just 1-star rating can boost your business by over 10%.
  • More than 90% of searchers avoid businesses with negative reviews.
  • Over 60% of consumers check Google reviews before visiting a business.
  • A staggering 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Be it Google My Business, Google Search Results, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, or any other platform, negative online content poses a significant risk to your business.

Mere burying of negative reviews with positive ones isn’t enough. To truly take control of your online reputation, you must eliminate any negative mentions of your business or brand.

Every passing day you delay, your business’s suffering compounds exponentially. Don’t wait any longer; act now to safeguard your online reputation and secure your business’s growth.

Remove your unwanted online content today with First Page

Remove your unwanted online content today with First Page

Remove your unwanted online content today with First Page

Defeating online trolls, unreasonable customers, and vengeful competitors that spread negative content requires proactive action to regain control of your brand. That’s where we step in.

At First Page, we possess over a decade of experience assisting businesses like yours in eliminating negative reviews and unjust content. Many of our clients have witnessed a remarkable surge in sales practically overnight through our services.

With us, you’ll swiftly witness the removal of harmful content, unleashing the true power of a positive online reputation. In fact, we can begin removing negative content in as little as a few weeks.

Empower your business with the reputation it truly deserves and watch your leads and sales soar with First Page today. Book a free consultation with a Digital Strategist by contacting us now.

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First Page is a very effective and efficient Digital Marketing Agency. They have especially great photo and video production capabilities. I was very impressed by their creativeness!
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Online Reputation Management


“Review bombing” is a phenomenon in which a large number of individuals, often coordinated or motivated by a specific cause or agenda, leave negative reviews or ratings for a product, service, business, or any entity, with the intention of damaging its reputation. Review bombing is typically a collective effort, where multiple users or groups post negative feedback en masse within a short period.

Review bombing can occur for various reasons, such as:

  1. Controversial Issues: It may be triggered by controversial decisions or actions taken by the entity, leading to a wave of negative reviews as a form of protest or backlash.
  2. Social or Political Reasons: Some review bombings are motivated by social or political beliefs, aiming to express disapproval of the entity’s stance on certain issues.
  3. Competitor Sabotage: In some cases, rivals or competitors may orchestrate review bombings to harm their competition’s reputation.
  4. Entertainment or Gaming Industry: In the entertainment and gaming industries, review bombing may occur due to discontent with game updates, character choices, or plot decisions.

Review bombing can have significant consequences for the targeted entity. It can mislead potential customers, create a negative perception of the entity, and impact sales or public perception.

Taking down negative content from Google can be challenging, as Google aims to provide a comprehensive and diverse range of search results. However, there are some steps you can take to address and manage negative content:

  1. Contact the Website Owner: If the negative content appears on a specific website or platform, try reaching out to the website owner or administrator. Explain the issue politely and request the removal of the content. While they are not obligated to comply, some website owners may be willing to consider your request, especially if the content is defamatory or violates their content guidelines.
  2. Flag Inappropriate Content: Many websites and platforms, including Google-owned platforms like YouTube and Google Maps, have reporting mechanisms to flag inappropriate or false content. Use these reporting features to draw attention to the negative content that violates their policies. Follow the platform’s reporting guidelines and provide specific reasons for flagging the content.
  3. Legal Action: In some cases, if the negative content is defamatory, false, or violates copyright or privacy laws, you may consider seeking legal counsel. Depending on the nature of the content and applicable laws, you might be able to pursue legal action to have the content removed.
  4. Online Reputation Management: Invest in online reputation management (ORM) services or tools that can help you suppress negative content and promote positive content. ORM specialists can work on improving your online presence and visibility to push down negative search results.
  5. Create Positive Content: Focus on creating and promoting positive content about yourself, your business, or your brand. Engage in content marketing, social media activities, and public relations efforts to enhance your online presence with favourable content.
  6. Enhance SEO Efforts: Optimise your website and other online assets for search engines. By improving the search engine optimisation (SEO) of positive content, you can increase its ranking in search results, potentially pushing negative content further down.
  7. Use Google’s Disavow Tool: If negative content is associated with low-quality or harmful backlinks to your website, Google’s Disavow Tool can be used to request Google to ignore those links, which can help improve your website’s search ranking.

Remember that removing negative content from Google is not always guaranteed, especially if the content is legitimate and protected by freedom of speech laws. Instead, focus on proactive strategies to build a strong and positive online reputation, which can help mitigate the impact of negative content over time.

Negative content can have significant and far-reaching impacts on your business. Here are some ways in which negative content can affect your business:

  1. Damage to Reputation: Negative content, such as bad reviews, complaints, or negative news articles, can tarnish your business’s reputation. Potential customers may be hesitant to engage with your brand if they come across negative feedback from others.
  2. Loss of Trust and Credibility: Negative content erodes trust and credibility. When customers encounter negative reviews or stories, they may doubt the reliability and quality of your products or services.
  3. Reduced Customer Confidence: Negative content can create doubts in the minds of potential customers, leading to lower confidence in doing business with your company.
  4. Decline in Sales and Revenue: A damaged reputation and reduced trust can lead to a decline in sales and revenue as customers may turn to competitors with more positive perceptions.
  5. Impact on Brand Perception: Negative content can shape how the public perceives your brand. It may overshadow positive aspects, leading to an overall negative perception.
  6. Recruitment Challenges: Negative content can also affect your ability to attract top talent. Potential employees may be discouraged from joining a company with a tarnished reputation.
  7. Increased Customer Service Burden: Negative reviews or complaints may lead to an increase in customer service inquiries and complaints, putting a strain on resources and time.
  8. Online Visibility and SEO: Negative content can impact your online visibility and search engine rankings. If negative content ranks higher in search results, it can overshadow positive content and harm your online presence.
  9. Crisis Management Costs: Addressing negative content and managing potential crises can incur additional costs in terms of resources and reputation management efforts.
  10. Customer Churn: Negative experiences shared online can lead to customer churn, where existing customers may stop doing business with your company and seek alternatives.

Overall, negative content can have a domino effect on various aspects of your business, from reputation and customer perception to sales and brand loyalty.

That’s why it’s essential to take proactive steps to manage your online reputation and address negative content effectively. Responding promptly, resolving customer issues, and promoting positive content can help mitigate the impact of negative content and build a stronger, more resilient brand.

Businesses should consider removing negative content under specific circumstances. While removing negative content is not always possible or advisable, there are situations where it may be appropriate:

  1. Defamatory Content: If the negative content is false and defamatory, it may be possible to request its removal through legal means. Defamatory content can harm a business’s reputation and may warrant legal action to protect the company’s interests.
  2. Violation of Policies: If the negative content violates the terms of service or content guidelines of the platform where it is posted, businesses can report the content to the platform administrators for possible removal.
  3. Fake or Misleading Reviews: If the negative content includes fake or misleading reviews, businesses can report them to review platforms to have them investigated and possibly removed.
  4. Personal Information: Content that includes personal or sensitive information without consent should be removed to protect privacy and comply with data protection laws.
  5. Hate Speech or Harassment: Content containing hate speech, harassment, or threats should be reported to the platform administrators for appropriate action.
  6. Competitor Attacks: If the negative content is part of a malicious campaign orchestrated by competitors to harm your business, it may be worth reporting the activity to the platform and seeking legal advice if necessary.
  7. Resolved Issues: In some cases, if a customer complaint or negative review has been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, the customer may be willing to update or remove the negative content. Businesses can request customers to do so, acknowledging the resolution of the issue.

However, it’s essential to approach the removal of negative content carefully and ethically. Attempting to remove legitimate negative feedback or reviews without proper cause can be seen as manipulative and may harm your business’s credibility further.

The pricing varies based on the website and the nature of the negative content. Requesting a quote comes at no cost, risk, or commitment. Our specialists will analyze the content and provide advice on the next steps without any obligation on your part.

Discover the power of our cutting-edge technology, designed to safeguard your online reputation and shield you from malicious intentions. Connect with our digital marketing specialists to explore how our services can elevate your business today.