From ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our google ads agency in Dublin works alongside brands to amplify their revenue.

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes

Our Digital Solutions

From small firms to large corporations, we collaborate with brands to amplify their earnings.

Lead Generation

Spend time understanding your potential audience and enjoy rich lead-generation outcomes.


Digital Branding

Efficiently construct your brand's image with digital marketing services and strategies that bring tangible results.


E-commerce Profits

Discover how to rival the best and expedite your business growth with efficacious e-commerce marketing.

Are you on the hunt to amass a crazy amount of traffic?
Then you’ve struck gold!

Our digital marketing service and ethos is anchored in honesty, absolute transparency and data-driven decision-making.
Fly-by-night operators may come and go, but our digital marketing agency has been functioning since 2011 with a stellar 4.9/5 Google review rating.



Outshine your fiercest competitors with Dublin's leading SEO marketing company. Generate remarkable leads and unparalleled sales results.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Let our digital marketing services and specialists steer your PPC campaign. Our unique methodologies rapidly yield premium leads and conversions that catapult your bottom line.

Social Media

Social Media

Our compelling social media ads ensure your target customers not only notice your products but are also guided towards making a purchase.



Professionally manage your brand's reputation with our leading reputation management services. We can enhance your reviews, remove detrimental content, and more.

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First Page
Generated over €3.8+ billion
in sales for our clients
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500+ Google reviews globally
with a 4.9/5 rating
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Won 14 digital awards
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Our client results.

When it comes to your enterprise - our marketing agency in Dublin accepts nothing less than excellence.

When it comes to your enterprise - our marketing agency in Dublin accepts nothing less than excellence.

When it comes to your enterprise - our marketing agency in Dublin accepts nothing less than excellence.

Staying ahead in Ireland’s dynamic digital marketing landscape requires ongoing scrutiny and adaptation. Plainly speaking, this task is often too challenging for novice digital marketing agencies to tackle.

Allow us to focus on our expertise, so you can concentrate on yours.

Boost your traffic, accelerate your growth, and shatter your annual sales records with our digital marketing services.

Our engine is powered by our proprietary technology - SENTR™

Our engine is powered by our proprietary technology - SENTR™

Our engine is powered by our proprietary technology - SENTR™

Designed with your needs in mind, SENTR™ is the system that sets us apart from other average agencies. SENTR™ will assist you to…

  • Stay updated on your campaign’s progress
  • Easily access and comprehend your outcomes
  • Remain ahead of digital trends
  • Reduce time spent on communication
  • Receive daily competitor insights


First Page

Nothing outsourced overseas

Strategy session & extensive pre-campaign research

SENTR → Proprietary tool that brings campaign management, reporting & approvals together in one platform. Meaning we spend less time on admin and more time executing & optimising your campaigns.

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We are a Google “Premier Partner”, which means as of June 2021 - only 3% of all global agencies will maintain this title - we are one of them.

In depth customisation for individual client requirements - we do not operate under a “one size fits all” factory approach.

All employees (AMs/ Sales/ Paid Media) are Black Belt Certified through Google’s Digital training program.

Unbeatable performance milestones.

No hidden fees. Plus all the data is yours!

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Other Agencies

Compromises on quality by outsourcing

Standard “package” approach with little to no flexibility

Dependent on inflexible project management tools or spreadsheets

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Churn & burn approach to client acquisition

Basic template audit and implementation

Small teams with capacity constraints

Low quality account servicing

No performance milestone model when it comes to SEO

Hidden fees and holding data hostage on their own accounts

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We're not just your digital marketing agency - we're your partner in growth.

Here’s what you can expect from us

Complete Business Audit

Complete Business Audit

We'll assess the performance of your digital channels to ascertain effective strategies and identify key growth opportunities.

Detailed Competitor Analysis

Detailed Competitor Analysis

We'll keep your business ahead of the curve with robust digital techniques designed to evaluate and outshine your competitors' marketing initiatives.

Tailored Growth Strategy

Tailored Growth Strategy

Each digital marketing strategy we deploy is custom-fitted to each business's requirements, ensuring you witness an increase in leads and sales.

ROI Forecasts

ROI Forecasts

Never lose sight of your objectives. In addition to key KPIs to reach your targets, our team offers in-depth insight into anticipated leads, sales and growth.

What is digital marketing?

The marketing funnel is how companies can visualise the customer journey and what it takes to get someone to successfully make a purchase. Although the marketing funnel continues to evolve as customer behaviour changes in the modern age, the stages that defined the original funnel remain relevant today. These stages are typically labelled: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy, with a range of digital marketing services helping you funnel customers from one phase to the next.

By developing an in-depth understanding of how the marketing funnel works to achieve your business goals, it’s possible to measure where you are losing the most amount of interest. By taking steps to plug these gaps, you can ensure more customers complete their journey and make a purchase. If you choose to partner with First Page, our digital marketing services can assess the state of your marketing funnel and ensure you retarget prospects to maximise sales.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most critical aspects of a powerful digital marketing campaign. As this technique is designed to make your website irresistible to search engine algorithms, expert-led SEO can push your website up the rankings to reach the most accurate customer base possible. However, you must understand that SEO isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to be willing to undertake a long-term strategy that requires a certain degree of patience to reap the full rewards from your investment.

SEO is a potent digital marketing technique, with a high-performance campaign designed to improve every aspect of your online presence. This includes keyword research, link-building techniques, competitor analysis, page loading times, mobile-responsive features and much more. By taking the time to enhance each of these areas and many others, you can gradually reduce the cost of your SEO campaign and establish a solid foundation for the future.

You might remember the sound of a dial-up modem, but the internet is no longer the relatively small place it once was. As the online world has become a thriving place for reaching customers and generating sales, it’s no surprise that pretty much every niche is flooded with competition. However, the use of effective digital marketing services and techniques ensures your business can stand out against your rivals and capture the attention of your ideal customers.

Your business might have the best product on the market, but if it fails to reach the right people, you don’t have a chance of maximising your sales. Fortunately, the experts at First Page can develop a laser-targeted digital marketing campaign that reaches your customer fast. Through a wealth of interactive and hyper-personalised techniques, we have the power to increase your website traffic and boost sales. With your competition almost certainly aiming for the same goals, ignoring digital marketing in Ireland will undoubtedly see you fall behind.

When choosing between SEO or PPC for an upcoming digital marketing campaign, the decision ultimately depends on what you want to achieve. While both digital marketing techniques are hugely productive when handled by talented professionals, SEO is ideal for generating long-term results, while PPC is best for quick wins. Although this choice is certainly not easy, it usually comes down to budget considerations. If your business is operating in a highly competitive industry, there’s a good chance you’ll need to spend significantly to achieve your goals.

Alternatively, SEO can be used as a longer-term strategy that delivers precise organic traffic straight to your website. Using keyword research, high-quality content and technical changes to your advantage, alongside numerous other SEO methods, you can push your website up the search engine rankings for a cost-effective investment. In fact, many businesses use SEO and PPC together to benefit from both long-term results and quick wins at the same time.

Considering that almost everyone uses the internet these days, it’s safe to say your business can benefit from a personalised digital marketing campaign. Naturally, online businesses with e-commerce stores are often the most enthusiastic clients. For example, fashion labels can use countless digital marketing strategies to drive customers directly to their product pages. Meanwhile, professional services like architects, engineers, doctors and lawyers also benefit from fresh clients discovering their business when researching online.

However, there are virtually no limits on how a digital marketing agency can help a business. As long as you partner with an experienced digital agency that understands your products and how they appeal to your target market, it’s possible to tailor a campaign that achieves your goals. Alongside real estate agents, educational institutions and retail operations, implementing a data-driven strategy that captures the attention of your ideal customer base will help your business reach the next level.

If your business is looking to kickstart B2B sales, developing a thoughtful digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to reach your goals. Start by carefully defining who your target market is. This includes everything from their demographics and general interests to buying habits. This information can then be used to create SEO-driven content and inbound marketing that captures their attention and addresses their pain points. However, there’s plenty more to consider to maximise your results.

Every B2B digital marketing strategy must factor in a range of website optimisations that make it easy for customers to find critical information about your products. This means designing fast, attractive and keyword-optimised landing pages that achieve your goals. You can also drive outstanding B2B marketing results by undertaking comprehensive paid social and search advertising strategies that target your specific market. Plus, a high-performance campaign must always feature consistent analysis and adjustments to fine-tune your ongoing strategy.

How can a digital marketing agency help your business?

The online landscape is only becoming more competitive, meaning your business must have a clear idea about generating leads if it doesn’t want to get left behind. You can’t just rely on an advertising company – you need to take an optimised marketing approach. There are countless ways to approach a lead generation campaign, but it helps to optimise your home page to the fullest extent. By conducting detailed keyword research, promoting an eye-catching offer and having a powerful call-to-action, you can convince more traffic to hand over their contact information.

Many businesses also create leads by building extensive referral networks. This process will boost your brand’s reputation and deliver plenty of free advertising as you look to develop your standing in the industry, share knowledge and identify fresh opportunities. Meanwhile, small businesses can get more people through their doors by engaging in local SEO to raise awareness and attract nearby customers. Plus, paid social ad strategies and thoughtful email marketing campaigns are also hugely effective lead-generation techniques.

Letting an experienced SEO marketing agency in Dublin handle your digital marketing campaign is the best way to ensure your investment delivers the most growth for your business. However, it’s important to understand that not all digital marketing agencies were created equal. While digital marketers with less expertise might lead you down the garden path, First Page has literally thousands of successful campaigns for companies operating at every scale under our belt. This is because our results-driven philosophy never lets us down.

Our mid to long-term strategies are specifically designed to generate outcomes that set your business up for the future. As we work closely with our clients to develop realistic goals, our highly effective keyword research, link-building strategies and content production will set your search rankings into overdrive. We also constantly monitor our results to adjust our strategy on the fly, plus we provide every client with transparent reporting that keeps you in the loop on our spending.

The beauty of digital marketing in Ireland is that it’s just as effective for small businesses as multinational corporations. No matter what budget you have to invest in your campaign, it’s possible to implement effective strategies that help level the playing field. It’s only natural for small businesses to have a limited amount to spend on their campaign. But a digital marketing company provides incredibly cost-efficient results when planned and executed by an experienced team that knows what it takes to achieve your goals.

Supported by a wealth of data-driven and accountable digital marketing strategies, your business can reach targeted customers who are bound to have great interest in your specific products and services. Meanwhile, a campaign optimised for mobile devices can attract local customers searching for a business like yours in their immediate area. By understanding your business and its target market, we can create a digital marketing strategy that reaches your ideal customers and boosts sales.

A tailored digital marketing campaign has the power to transform your business into a sales powerhouse. But only if you can find the right team to lead your campaign. Naturally, you want to have complete confidence that the digital marketing agency planning and executing your strategy has a track record to deliver its performance claims. This means checking online reviews and asking people for advice on whether an agency’s industry reputation can be relied upon for your needs.

Review First Page Ireland on DesignRush to learn more about their expertise and reputation.

Choosing the ideal digital marketing agency in Dublin – or anywhere else in Ireland – also means finding out if they have the specialist team members that have the required skill set to achieve your goals. Alongside cutting-edge technology that gives them a boost over the competition, you want to know if your digital marketing agency has the expertise to deliver the best ROI for your business. While you might be tempted to choose a low-cost option, digital marketing is a heavily involved process that often means cheap isn’t good. Finally, you should only partner with an agency that’s fully transparent about how they spend your budget and what outcomes you can expect to receive.

Each and every digital marketing campaign involves different costs because every business is unique. With a successful strategy needing to be personalised to a company’s current standing, target market and competition, alongside numerous other factors, the techniques required to achieve your goals change depending on your needs. However, First Page has led thousands of highly successful campaigns for businesses across every industry imaginable, ensuring we can provide a clear idea of what it’ll take to win big.

If your business is planning to use SEO to optimise conversions, we can help you develop a strategy that brings stacks of traffic to your website. But it’s important to understand that SEO is a long-term process that requires patience to experience the full results. Backed by in-depth data synthesis, our digital marketing experts can lead performance media campaigns like social media marketing and search engine marketing to achieve your goals for the best ROI possible.

As Ireland’s leading full-service digital marketing agency, First Page has the power to help your business reach its goal through a variety of data-driven methods. We pride ourselves on our exceptional SEO campaigns, ranging from local and international SEO to link-building strategies and e-commerce SEO. Meanwhile, we specialise in high-performance Google Ads that level up our client’s website traffic and sales by capturing the attention of relevant customers wherever they can be reached online.

In addition, our tailored social media marketing strategies will skyrocket your company’s brand awareness and conversions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. We also offer clients comprehensive reputation management services, plus we lead the market for unwanted content removal. This means we can take down negative reviews posted by online trolls or dishonest competitors trying to ruin your business. Alongside detailed website audits and competitor analysis, we deliver bespoke digital marketing campaigns that ensure you outgrow the competition.

Our digital marketing agency in Dublin help businesses increase their ability to reach and convert customers. Using a myriad of data-driven techniques, we can deliver results that massively outperform traditional marketing methods that have quickly become a thing of the past. While some digital marketing agencies specialise in just one or two areas, First Page is a multi-discipline agency which means we can help your business thrive from every perspective. This ensures we can achieve our client’s goals no matter how complex.

So what kind of digital marketing services do we offer at First Page? We’re experts in driving enormous growth through carefully considered SEO and PPC campaigns that enable us to reach your target market. Plus, we can take charge of detailed social media management, email marketing and brand strategy campaigns that drive your company’s visibility. Alongside numerous other services, we have what it takes to drive remarkable growth for a stellar ROI.

While there are too many factors involved with a digital marketing campaign to guarantee a return on investment, First Page is prepared to offer the next best thing. As we work alongside our clients to develop realistic goals for their investment, we can set SEO traffic guarantees that ensure your business smashes its organic growth. This way, if we fail to deliver the goods, you don’t have to worry about paying a cent.

Although other advertising companies and marketing agencies in Dublin aren’t prepared to make promises, we’re so confident in our highly experienced team that we’re willing to put our earnings on the line. As we get to know your business and implement a series of KPIs, we’re working tirelessly to plan and execute a strategy that reaches your ideal target market. With a flourishing brand reputation and endless amounts of organic traffic, the cost per lead of your campaign will decrease dramatically.