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We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
What is SEO ecommerce strategy? Why is it crucial for your business?

What is SEO ecommerce strategy? Why is it crucial for your business?

What is SEO ecommerce strategy? Why is it crucial for your business?

Ecommerce SEO services offer a range of solutions designed to boost your online shop.

Ecommerce SEO is a process that applies a comprehensive ecommerce SEO strategy to build online authority – with a laser-precise focus on your product range.

The cornerstone of any successful ecommerce business is an SEO consultant. If you’re not investing in adequate keyword research, content creation, and backlink building, your ecommerce business is going to be invisible.

In fact, did you know that…

  • On average, a well-implemented SEO strategy can improve ecommerce earnings by 64%
  • Approximately 40% of all ecommerce traffic originates from organic search
  • A quarter of all ecommerce transactions are directly connected to organic traffic
  • Long-tail keywords generate a conversion rate that’s 5% higher than short-tail keywords

This is why it’s absolutely vital that your ecommerce website is optimised for organic search, to attract customers worldwide.

You should understand that if you’re not investing in an ecommerce SEO consultant, your rivals are, and they are diminishing your market share each day.

We collaborate with over 500 ecommerce companies. We understand what succeeds and what fails. Why would you risk your marketing with anyone else?

We collaborate with over 500 ecommerce companies. We understand what succeeds and what fails. Why would you risk your marketing with anyone else?

We collaborate with over 500 ecommerce companies. We understand what succeeds and what fails. Why would you risk your marketing with anyone else?

In the aftermath of COVID-19, e-Commerce has surged! These skyrocketing sales figures present a golden opportunity. To seize them, you need to significantly improve your ecommerce performance.

At First Page, we bring a deep comprehension of the ecommerce industry to the table. We’re enthusiastic about delivering SEO for ecommerce websites and exceptional advertising that captures the attention of your target audience like nothing else.

Consider us as an extension of your marketing team. We take the time to understand the advantages of your business, and what sets your product apart, and then we introduce your brand to a genuinely global customer base. Our goal is to secure the online recognition you deserve. And that means channelling traffic and customers to your online shop – then watching those sales numbers soar!

See what our clients are saying

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We use First Page as our SEO provider and their team is professional and helpful. Our relationship manager is responsive and friendly and willing to provide us with constructive opinions that help improve our performance
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page has been helpful in boosting our company's SEO ranking. Isaac, who is our account manager, gives us great feedback which is crucial to our marketing success!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Sarah Vee helped me out, was super informative, and really changed the game. I look forward to doing more business with her and First Page. Top-quality people!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We have been using First Page’s SEO services for several years. Our Account Manager always gives us a quick response with professional analysis. This made our SEO performance achieve an outstanding record last year.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page undoubtedly has the ability, resources and network to tailor a campaign that best suits your organisation, scale and budget. This would not have been made possible without Loree, who demonstrated exceptional dedication to my SEO & SEM campaigns.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page is a professional digital marketing agency that I would always recommend. Thank you to Loree, our Account Manager and her team for taking care of our campaigns. They always come up with great solutions to enhance our SEO performance.

Other SEO services offered by First Page

Bespoke growth plans for your business

Local SEO

Local SEO

Take over your market with greater brand awareness, more foot traffic, and an increase in sales.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO

Develop your brand identity and take control of your customer journey with SEO designed exclusively for Enterprise companies.

International SEO

International SEO

Turn your business into a global brand and tap into a whole new world of customers.

Link building

Link building

Link building will give your website authority, and catapult you to the top of Google’s rankings.

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In the extremely competitive car rental industry, data driven search campaigns maximise conversions and minimise wastage.

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Ecommerce SEO Agency


It is the process of optimising your website to Google’s top-ranking factors and best-practice guidelines.

When done correctly, your carefully optimised online store will SKYROCKET up the search results and be seen by a truly global audience.

Ready to get SEO for your ecommerce website? This is your ticket to CRAZY clicks and an EXPONENTIAL increase in traffic and sales!

eCommerce SEO services offer a suite of services that are specifically tailored to online stores. With a key focus on product offerings, it’s all about creating an intuitive sales journey – seamlessly guiding users to become customers.

Top eCommerce SEO strategies include keyword research, backlink building and content creation. Lazer sharp on-page and off-page SEO steadily drives your online authority and boosts customer satisfaction.

eCommerce SEO is PROVEN to deliver serious online growth for businesses of any size. It’s a strategy that can increase business revenue by as much as 64%!

At First Page, we’re serious about launching our eCommerce clients towards insane sales success!! Time to step onto the global stage and generate the sales figures you deserve? Contact us now!

ECommerce SEO benefits online businesses because it helps them connect with their customers and display the products they’re searching for.

ECommerce SEO services tailor a site to best practice guidelines, meaning search engines can understand the products and services displayed on the page and accurately include them in user searches.

Recent studies show that 39% of global eCommerce traffic comes from search engines. And 95% of that traffic goes to the sites that reach the first page!

Optimising your site with eCommerce SEO services to gain a piece of this traffic is your ticket to serious sales success!

ECommerce SEO is all about establishing authority and driving those much-needed conversions.

In today’s highly competitive online marketplace, an ECommerce SEO consultant allows you to outrank your competitors and increase your products’ visibility fast!

The best way to improve the SEO of your website is by working with a digital marketing agency.

This is because an agency offers a comprehensive team of experts that work together to carefully refine the SEO of your website, online store, or eCommerce platform.

Boosting your website’s SEO can be achieved via a range of digital strategies including keyword research, content creation and backlinks.

This process uncovers what customers are searching for, and then uses this data to optimise your website to rapidly improve user experience, increase conversions, and minimise bounce rates.

Businesses that work with a digital marketing agency like First Page can better position themselves within the eCommerce industry that is currently valued at a crazy $4.7 trillion!

Yes! Every eCommerce business must implement a strong SEO strategy to remain competitive and visible in a seriously competitive online marketplace.

eCommerce SEO services are specifically designed to place your business in the search engine results of your target audience. This creates an optimised online experience that ACTUALLY drives conversion rates.

eCommerce SEO is a proven strategy to amplify your products and their features and benefits. The result is increased traffic, click-through rate and sales.

Smart eCommerce business owners understand there’s simply no better way to deliver unrivalled revenue and unbeatable ROI!!

Working with an eCommerce SEO agency like First Page is the best way to achieve this success.

In addition to technical SEO, keyword research and content option, every detail of your products is targeted for peak visibility on search engine results pages.

An eCommerce SEO agency like First Page can streamline your store’s user experience to target customers at every stage of the buyers’ journey – quickly turning traffic into sales.

If you’re an eCommerce business looking to achieve international sales success then it’s time to contact First Page! We’re the eCommerce SEO agency that’s home to Ireland’s top in-house SEO experts.

We know how to help your business start a journey towards eCommerce SEO success. Our research and data-driven approach and passion for creating expert, optimised content is GUARANTEED to boost your rankings, drive your traffic, and increase your sales!!

If it’s time to start exploding your sales target then contact First Page and our digital marketing specialists to talk about our ecommerce SEO services today!