From ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our google ads agency in Dublin works alongside brands to amplify their revenue.

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
Seize market share from your rivals and position your products directly in the sight of potential buyers.

Seize market share from your rivals and position your products directly in the sight of potential buyers.

Seize market share from your rivals and position your products directly in the sight of potential buyers.

When individuals search for a specific product on Google, they’re often in a buying mood, essentially ready with their credit card for a purchase. This is the exact strength of Google Shopping Ads.

Regardless of your business sector, the chance to display a clickable image of your products at the top of Google Search Ads is an opportunity that can’t be overlooked.

Google Shopping Ads form the foundation of e-commerce marketing. Consider these facts:

  • Google Shopping Ads account for 86% of all clicks, outperforming text ads.
  • Google is the starting point for 36% of all product searches.
  • More than 70% of smartphone users research online before making a purchase in-store.
  • Google shopping expenditure increased by 41% compared to the previous year.

The statistics are clear. If your online store isn’t leveraging Google Shopping Ads, you’re missing out on a significant potential revenue.

But how can you optimize your Google Shopping Ads for conversions and achieve an impressive ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)?

Introducing First Page – your allies in business expansion and growth.

Explode your online sales and dominate your market with Google Shopping Ads

Explode your online sales and dominate your market with Google Shopping Ads

Explode your online sales and dominate your market with Google Shopping Ads

Over the last decade, we’ve assisted our Ecommerce clients in achieving remarkable growth through Google Shopping Ads.

We’re eager to do the same for you.

Our mission is straightforward. We’ll craft irresistible ads, fine-tune them for sales, present them to your target audience, and deliver an ROI beyond your wildest dreams… then we’ll do it all over again.

It’s a wonderful cycle.

This is the strategy that propels the world’s leading Ecommerce brands to global dominance.

We’ll accomplish this swiftly, transparently, and within your budgetary constraints.

Our global team of Digital Strategists is prepared to deliver extraordinary results that few other agencies can match. With our experience and proprietary technology, we’re equipped to elevate you to the pinnacle.

Click the button below to schedule a free consultation with one of our Digital Strategists. Let us design a blueprint for your business’s growth.

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These professionals really understand their craft! Having worked with other SEO agencies in the past, I found First Page to be significantly more responsive. Most crucially, my website's ranking consistently improved month after month.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
My search for a reliable SEO agency ended when I met Angela. She demonstrated exceptional patience and professionalism in her work. First Page has proven to be prompt, effective, and delivers outstanding customer service. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
From my initial contact with First Page Ireland, their service quality has been exceptional. They've addressed all my inquiries with complete transparency. Sean and Asher are working on optimising our entire website for SEO, and thus far, I'm extremely satisfied with their service and audits.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We've been collaborating with First Page for three months now. Sean has been incredibly supportive and patient. It's evident that he takes great pride in his work. Continue delivering the top-tier customer service that you've been providing to your clients!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Working with Carl and his team for the first time has been an exceptionally delightful experience! They not only fulfil their promises but also exceed expectations. The team consistently demonstrates professionalism and goes above and beyond, providing excellent customer service.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Collaborating with the First Page Ireland team has been an absolute pleasure. They've surpassed the specified KPIs and have been incredibly responsive. I highly recommend them - they're truly top-notch.

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Google Shopping is an exceptional method for businesses to connect with potential customers who are actively seeking to purchase products from their eCommerce store. While it shares some commonalities with other online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, Google Shopping distinguishes itself as a pay-per-click advertising platform that directs consumers straight to your website’s product pages. When a user searches for a product, Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the search results, offering customers a variety of stores to select from.

By crafting a well-thought-out Google Shopping campaign, you can ensure that your target customers discover and engage with your ads. These ads, which feature eye-catching product images and a wealth of additional information, can be optimised to outshine your competitors. Since customers ready to make a purchase are situated at the bottom of the marketing funnel, reaching and converting this demographic can be extremely profitable.

If your eCommerce store is eager to venture into Google Shopping, it’s relatively straightforward to list your products and start drawing consumer attention on the search engine results page. The initial step is to establish a Google Merchant Centre account that houses your product data. Following this, it’s crucial to include optimally enhanced product images that distinguish your offerings from competitors and make them irresistibly attractive to your target audience. This step can significantly boost your conversion rate.

Creating a product data feed is another key to your success. This is how you assist Google in identifying and showcasing your products when users perform a relevant search. Along with basic information about your country and language, you need to include accurate product titles, prices, and currency data that align with your landing pages. Allow our skilled team to manage your Google Shopping campaign to expand your reach and dramatically increase your sales.

There are several distinctions between Google Shopping and merchant platforms like Amazon and eBay. Perhaps the most significant difference is that Google Shopping results directly link customers to businesses selling the specific product they’re searching for. On the other hand, buyers on platforms like Amazon and eBay need to locate your specific store and make purchases directly through the marketplace. Online retailers deciding between Google Shopping and a marketplace should also be aware of the differences in pricing models.

For instance, listing your products on Google Shopping in Ireland is completely free, and there’s no commission on sales. So, how does Google Shopping generate revenue? Through advertising on the platform based on PPC, you can ensure that more customers notice your products. However, you’ll incur a small fee every time someone clicks on your ads. The specialists at First Page can craft a tailored Google Shopping campaign that guarantees your eCommerce store achieves an exceptional ROI.

When a business begins using Google Shopping, they can choose between Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns. The former is a more intricate approach where your ads will only appear within the Shopping network and specific searches related to products. You can segregate products into ad groups, including brands and categories, while incorporating negative keywords to optimise bid performance. For a highly refined campaign structure, Standard Google Shopping campaigns can be exceptional.

On the other hand, Smart Google Shopping campaigns can also be an excellent choice, depending on your objectives and expertise. Although you won’t have as much control over your strategy since the algorithm makes significant decisions for you, these campaigns utilise contextual signals to reach engaged customers matching specific location, device, and demographic metrics. When you collaborate with First Page, we take the reins of your strategy to discern the ideal winners and losers. Plus, we understand what incremental changes to implement to achieve the best possible results.

Given that Google Shopping is based on the world’s most frequented website, it simplifies the task of ensuring your business grabs attention. The search engine’s algorithms excel at identifying consumers ready to purchase a specific product, so listing your eCommerce store on Google Shopping increases your chances of converting qualified customers at the bottom of the funnel. As most online retailers prioritize generating sales, leveraging Google Shopping can be an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Numerous brands have achieved tremendous success on Google Shopping due to the platform’s remarkable visibility. Relevant customers will see eCommerce results at the top of the page when they search for a product you offer, so an enticing product listing can draw high-quality traffic directly to your website. Google Shopping also incorporates automation. Using structured data and sitemap information, the platform can crawl your eCommerce website to automatically update pricing and availability on Google Shopping, saving you the effort.

The primary objective of Google Shopping is to connect relevant products with eager buyers. While it’s not a conventional marketplace like Amazon or eBay, Google Shopping simplifies the process for engaged customers to find a variety of online retailers selling a product they’re ready to purchase. Instead of having to navigate through multiple eCommerce websites or locate a reliable seller on a marketplace, individuals can preview several options directly from the search engine results page.

If your business is contemplating whether Google Shopping is suitable for its needs, it’s important to understand that this platform is designed to make your operations smoother. With the algorithm directing highly relevant customers to your store and automating several tasks like pricing and availability updates, optimising your campaign can yield significant returns for your business. In fact, Google Shopping now represents an estimated 65% of all Google Ads clicks, ensuring your campaign is extremely productive when targeted effectively.

To enhance the appeal of Google Shopping for online retailers, the search engine behemoth introduced a free product listing program. This means you can get started at absolutely no cost. Furthermore, Google Shopping doesn’t levy any commission fees in Ireland, making it an increasingly attractive platform compared to the hefty fees associated with Amazon and eBay. However, to maximise your reach with your target market, you’ll need to invest in PPC advertising, which, while highly cost-effective, does require some financial commitment.

Google Shopping also simplifies the process of running your online store in conjunction with leading eCommerce platforms. Whether you prefer Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, there are easy-to-use integration features that ensure your products are swiftly synced between both platforms. By disseminating your product data across as many platforms as possible, you can enhance your understanding of your audience and ensure your Google Shopping ads yield an even better ROI.

If your brand is venturing into Google Shopping for the first time, you might find it surprising that it doesn’t utilise keywords to display results, unlike many other Google services. Instead, the platform depends on product data from the information you input into the Google Merchant Centre. This information varies from a unique product ID, title, and link to your landing page. Along with numerous other crucial metrics, these details are used to attract and convert your target market.

While Google Shopping doesn’t rely on keywords, certain aspects allow you to utilise your keyword research. For example, you can incorporate negative keywords into your advertising campaign to ensure that you don’t squander your budget on uninterested consumers. Additionally, the way you describe your product can include eye-catching keywords that engaged customers are likely to notice. Collaborate with the team at First Page to maximise your success and increase sales.

How Google Shopping Benefits Your Business

One of the primary reasons to utilise Google Shopping is that your ads will be displayed in several highly visible sections of the search engine. Most notably, your ads will appear at the top of the search engine results, giving your store a great opportunity to be noticed by customers ready to make an immediate purchase. There’s also a dedicated Google Shopping tab where users can explore a wide range of stores offering the products they’re interested in buying.

In today’s digital age, a significant portion of your target audience shops online using their mobile devices. Google has adapted to this shift by ensuring Google Shopping ads appear at the top of Google Image results for individuals using their smartphones or tablets. If your business already employs a Google Partner such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce for its eCommerce operations, your products and data can be swiftly shared with Google Shopping for maximum convenience.

A meticulously optimised Google Shopping advertising campaign is one of the most potent tools an eCommerce retailer can leverage. But what measures should you take to ensure your strategy meets your goals? Although Google Shopping doesn’t use keywords to reach customers, you can exclude negative keywords to enhance your campaign’s performance. For instance, a store selling high-end running shoes might want to exclude search terms like ‘cheap’, ‘bargain’, and ‘clearance’ to ensure you connect with consumers willing to pay higher prices.

There are numerous other optimisations to consider. You need to craft your product title with keywords that your target market will instantly recognise when they scan the results. Moreover, a successful campaign always employs high-quality images that are simple yet offer a slight variation that distinguishes them from other online stores. By implementing these types of modifications, you can rapidly increase your CTR and enhance your ROI.

If your online retail store operates on an eCommerce platform – such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce – you’ll want to ensure that Google Shopping fully integrates with these services. The great news is that Google Shopping has established fruitful partnerships with these eCommerce platforms and many others. This means business owners can effortlessly submit their product information and start connecting with highly relevant customers, regardless of their location. But why is this integration significant for your business?

By sharing your product information with the Google Merchant Center, you eliminate the need to spend time transferring data from one online platform to another. This integration greatly simplifies the process of having product images, prices, and availability automatically updated, while your inventory is also instantly transferred to your Google Shopping account. Along with several other benefits, integrating Google Shopping with your eCommerce platform enables you to connect with your target market more swiftly than ever before.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the budget required for success in online advertising, including Google Shopping. The most effective approach to your campaign is to invest what you can comfortably afford. Since every eCommerce store is at a different stage in its journey, some businesses naturally have more to spend than others. However, a highly optimised Google Shopping ads strategy tailored to your company’s specific goals and target audience gives you the best chance of outperforming the competition.

The benchmark for Google Shopping ads varies for each industry, with the format favoring certain businesses. For instance, some studies have found that the automotive and travel industries perform exceptionally well due to the highly visual nature of their products coupled with compelling image-based ads. With the average CPC for Google Shopping ads estimated to be below 1, reaching your target market at a cost-effective price becomes feasible when you collaborate with an expert digital marketing agency like First Page in Dublin Ireland.

Deciding between Google Shopping and Google Search advertising is a challenging choice that ultimately hinges on your objectives and circumstances. However, if you run an eCommerce store aiming to encourage more sales-ready customers to act, there’s a good chance that Google Shopping ads will enhance your performance even further. Why? Because the emphasis on product images, price, and reviews in these ads is proven to attract a lot of attention from highly engaged consumers.

The debate between Google Shopping and Google Search ads essentially comes down to show vs tell. While text-based search ads can still be highly effective, they require a compelling message and call-to-action to persuade leads to purchase. On the other hand, the informational nature of Google Shopping ads helps potential customers understand your offer and choose you when your optimisation is spot on. With First Page, your business will draw in customers at the perfect stage of the user journey and maximise its conversions.

Achieving an exceptional ROI on your Google Shopping ads is attainable when you collaborate with the experts at First Page. However, since every campaign is customized to our client’s specific needs, the final cost of Google Shopping ads management will always vary from one business to another. We take into account everything from your industry’s unique characteristics to the subtleties of your ideal target market, and our state-of-the-art strategies will captivate your customer base and motivate them to act.

In fact, our Google Shopping campaigns have delivered unparalleled growth for our clients, with our highly experienced team’s targeted approach capable of boosting your business by 20x within months. Coupled with our extensive experience and keen understanding of the eCommerce landscape, we delve into what drives your customers and create optimised Google Shopping ads that hit the mark every time. Begin enhancing your company’s success with First Page today.

Google Shopping ads can yield remarkable results for eCommerce brands operating in virtually any industry. By leveraging Google Shopping ads, you can direct qualified shoppers straight to your website, providing immense opportunities to enhance your profits. This form of online advertising, featuring high-quality images, titles, prices, shop names, and more, can attract your target market and dramatically increase your sales. Furthermore, Google Shopping ads are displayed in several prominent locations, helping you connect with more relevant customers.

Moreover, Google Shopping ads have proven to be extremely cost-effective, ensuring brands with a limited budget can utilise this method to elevate their operation. With a variety of bidding strategies available, a customized campaign that appeals to your specific target market can offer online retailers an exceptional ROI. With the team at First Page managing Google Shopping campaigns daily, we know how to assist your business in achieving its goals.

If you aim to effectively reach your target market, embarking on a personalised Google Shopping ads campaign with First Page is a wise move. With these strategies appearing at the top of Google search results, a targeted campaign that resonates with your specific customer base can direct numerous qualified leads directly to your product pages. However, to achieve this goal, you need to distinguish yourself with compelling creative content. Luckily, our team can identify the best images and titles that garner the most attention.

Choosing a Google Shopping campaign structure can be a daunting task without the requisite experience. If you opt to partner with First Page, we can identify your highest-value customers with a value-based bidding strategy. By gaining a deep understanding of your customer lifetime value, we ensure your campaign yields a top-tier ROI. Coupled with our robust measurement methods, this tailored approach to Google Shopping guarantees you convert your ideal customers.