From ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our google ads agency in Dublin works alongside brands to amplify their revenue.

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
Boost your profits and expand your brand with our state-of-the-art SEO agency in Dublin.

Boost your profits and expand your brand with our state-of-the-art SEO agency in Dublin.

Boost your profits and expand your brand with our state-of-the-art SEO agency in Dublin.

If we can’t significantly outperform your current SEO results, we won’t charge a dime!

From emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, we partner with brands to enhance their earnings.

Elevate your Dublin SEO agency and dominate Google with Ireland’s top-rated SEO service.

Many SEO agencies in Ireland talk a tall tale, but most lack authentic business experience. They’ve never built a successful venture outside their own digital agency, often suggesting strategies that primarily enrich their own interests.

The First Page team runs and manages companies outside the agency sector, so we know exactly how to construct a lucrative online business in a limited timeframe. Enough with the guessing game, work with an SEO service that has genuine business growth expertise.

In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial to create an attention-grabbing online presence that distinguishes you from your rivals… First Page is all about delivering the visibility you deserve! We’re the game-changing SEO agency in Dublin that excels in driving a massive amount of traffic to your website.

Engaging with the highest-rated Dublin SEO agency in Ireland will be your secret weapon for 'divine-like' business triumph.

Engaging with the highest-rated Dublin SEO agency in Ireland will be your secret weapon for 'divine-like' business triumph.

Engaging with the highest-rated Dublin SEO agency in Ireland will be your secret weapon for 'divine-like' business triumph.

Too many SEO marketing agencies in Ireland are simply spinning their wheels, while our SEO agency in Dublin is tirelessly driving businesses towards unrivalled growth. We’re driven, we’re determined, and we never rest on our laurels. Our team is results-focused!

We’re not just another SEO marketing company; we’re your trump card. Our team of seasoned SEO masters devise custom SEO strategies tailored to your specific objectives, ensuring your business soars to incredible new heights of online visibility. Extreme visibility = attention on your business = sales for you!

While your competitors settle for mediocrity, work with global SEO marketing experts! Let First Page perfect your SEO, while you focus on expanding your business in Ireland and internationally.

Our Recent Work Amway

A case study by First Page - SEO

We developed and executed an integrated digital strategy comprising of multiple paid media channels & SEO and here are the results:

return on marketing spend within 6 months!

Our roadmap of results is easier to follow than
Leo Dicaprio’s love life

First Page


In-depth digital audit

Using our proprietary technology, we'll delve into your existing digital strategy channels to comprehend what is working and identify untapped opportunities for enhancement..

First Page


Straightforward, robust SEO growth strategy

We'll devise and deploy your unique digital strategy. This is a meticulously crafted action plan, scalable and fine-tuned to attain your most ambitious goals.

First Page


Measure us by our outcomes

We only accept exceptional ROI. Your growth strategy is carefully tracked and evaluated to ensure all KPI’s are surpassed.

Amass more leads and sales than your business can manage with our stellar SEO agency in Dublin.

Amass more leads and sales than your business can manage with our stellar SEO agency in Dublin.

Amass more leads and sales than your business can manage with our stellar SEO agency in Dublin.

Data holds the key, and that’s why we are passionate about data when making decisions that directly influence your search engine marketing strategy and your venture. Even a minor adjustment to your SEO strategy can significantly affect your website’s ranking and appearance in the results.

We can foresee Google algorithm updates due to our custom-built, in-house proprietary tech – SENTR™. What does this mean for you? Visualise the possibilities if you could anticipate the future. With the vast amount of data SENTR™ processes, we have the capability to prepare for and capitalise on future algorithmic updates. We’re always one step ahead, that’s why we’re the premier SEO agency in Ireland.

First Page
Generated over €3.8+ billion
in sales for our clients
First Page
500+ Google reviews globally
with a 4.9/5 rating
First Page
Won 14 digital awards
and counting

This is our Conor McGregor section.
The one where we tell you how good we are.

“ They continually exceeded expectations! First Page is responsive, and they are always available to answer questions. Professionalism is a hallmark of their work. ”

Zoe - Product Manager

“ Team First Page has extensive experience which enables them to understand our business needs and goals. They are highly responsive and accommodating. ”

EricaHead of Marketing

“ Right from the moment we signed them on, they've been simply fantastic. A brilliant team led by really warm and friendly people. They are always ready to help, however basic the questions be. ”

SahilAssistant Digital Marketing Manager

Why we’re marriage material.

First Page

Clear, comprehensive online reporting with practical insights and suggestions.

First Page

Your campaign builds, research, and data are yours to retain.

First Page

All members of our execution & account servicing teams are Google Black Belt Certified.

First Page

None of our SEO services are outsourced overseas. Our SEO company has 170+ in-house performance marketers, SEO technicians, developers and social media marketing experts in our Dublin office.

First Page

We are a Google “Premier Partner”, which means as of June 2021 - only 3% of all global agencies will maintain this title - we are one of them.

First Page

Guaranteed quarterly performance milestones.

Play the SEO game more efficiently than your rivals, otherwise, you'll be left in the dust.

Play the SEO game more efficiently than your rivals, otherwise, you'll be left in the dust.

Play the SEO game more efficiently than your rivals, otherwise, you'll be left in the dust.

The fact is, whoever invests more into their search engine marketing will ultimately triumph. What do we mean by win? Well, winning means dominating Google for your industry. Such brand domination drives traffic, leads & sales, which directly influences your revenue and your profit margin.

Keep this in mind, 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted every day. The top 5 organic results garner 68% of these clicks.

The real question is – can you afford NOT to be on the first page of Google?

Our SEO Process

The experienced team at First Page will do everything they can to give your business the attention (and revenue!) that it deserves.

Digital Marketing Specialist

First off, you will be paired with a certified Digital Marketing Specialist who will manage your marketing strategy and work towards accomplishing your requirements and objectives. Your specialist will accompany you every step of the way to ensure you outperform your competitors!

Keyword & Market Research

At a loss for words? Not at First Page! Our SEO technicians are experts in market research, competitor & data analysis, and identifying marketplace opportunities. After extensive research, we assemble a list of keywords for your content to ensure it performs on Google and gains the exposure you're seeking.

Website Optimisation

We provide exclusive search engine marketing insights to optimise your website for better performance. With First Page's help, your business will be on its way to ranking higher in search engines, attracting more traffic to your site, and increasing leads and revenue. You can rest assured that we will put in the work, so you don’t have to.

Strategy Implementation

Now for the best part. At the crucial strategy implementation stage, all the valuable data our team has collated about your business, target market, and SEO will be incorporated to create a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy designed for success.

Campaign Tracking

We're all about transparency at First Page and believe our clients deserve to be informed about the progress of the marketing strategy we create for you. Your AM will organise regular meetings with you, our valuable client, to discuss effective campaign strategies, new trends, and industry changes.

Building Brand Authority

By this point, you should expect to start seeing growth in all your key metrics — both month on month and year on year. We can transform unknown brands into well-known names with our expertise. There’s no better time than now to invest in a high-level SEO Strategy with First Page!

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Why Search Engine Marketing is essential for business growth.

On average, an SEO campaign costs between €1500 or €10,000 per month, depending on your objectives and level of competition. Our search engine marketing specialists conduct in-depth research into your website’s history, target market and industry complexities to ensure we only take actions that achieve your objectives.

The techniques required to deliver a successful search engine marketing campaign are different for every business. Naturally, this means the cost can vary considerably too. For instance, some niches involve a much higher cost per keyword to attract the perfect target market.

Although all businesses can benefit from SEO, 8 businesses that need it the most are:

  • Startup companies and small businesses
  • E-commerce stores.
  • Niche companies
  • Online services and SaaS providers
  • Companies that are locally exclusive
  • Professional medical practices such as dentists and doctors, etc
  • Professional legal services
  • Hospitality establishments such as bars and restaurants

One of the main reasons SEO is such an appealing aspect of digital marketing is that it delivers massive leads and sales when handled by a specialist.

According to 70% of internet marketers, SEO is more effective at driving leads and sales than PPC ads. By using high-converting keywords alongside many other techniques, your website will climb the search results and see your target market flood your homepage.

Across seamless website navigation, page categories, compelling product descriptions and high-quality imagery, you can appeal to customers at every stage of the marketing funnel and increase sales. However, these strategies need to be tailored to your company’s precise goals.

By implementing specific keywords, content strategies, and technical fixes, SEO can increase your website’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

As a result, your website becomes more discoverable and attracts more potential customers, which can lead to increased traffic and potentially higher conversion rates.

As you plan and implement a carefully considered SEO campaign, it also establishes trust and credibility with your customers while ensuring your content responds to Google’s E-A-T guidelines.

You can definitely do SEO yourself, however, it is recommended to work with a marketing agency to save time, energy and money.

Approximately 85% of people conduct online searches before purchasing, which is why a professional search engine marketing team is key to success.

An SEO specialist can create a comprehensive strategy that includes both on-page and off-page optimisation strategies to maximise your results. So, it is worth investing in an SEO expert rather than doing it alone.

First Page works with various e-commerce companies to help them maximise their online presence and sales.

With an estimated 39% of global e-commerce organic traffic arriving on your website via a search engine, ensuring your business ranks highly on SERPs is critical to success.

Whether you want SEO-only services or a completely new e-commerce website, First Page has you covered. From designing a sleek and user-friendly e-commerce website to setting up efficient payment systems, we ensure that our clients are able to successfully sell their products online.

Here are 7 indicators to check that your search engine marketing is working:

  • Impressions: Are your pages showing up frequently in search results?
  • Traffic: Check your website’s organic traffic.
  • Conversions: Are visitors taking desired actions on your site?
  • Amount of pages ranking: How many of your pages are ranking for keywords?
  • Quality backlinks pointing to your site: Backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors.
  • Referrals: Referrals increase trust.
  • Domain and page authority: This measures the credibility of your website.

SEO is an ongoing process, so you may not see results instantly.

With something as critical as SEO, you want to choose your team wisely.

  • We’ve developed a list of the 10 most important questions you should ask your SEO agency. Remember to ask for:
  • Which team members will be responsible for your SEO
  • Details of your point of contact
  • How they acquire links
  • The proportion of SEO experts on the team
  • The time it will take to see changes
  • How success is tracked
  • How frequently you will hear from them
  • Pricing policy
  • Similar clients they’ve worked with
  • How much experience they have

SEO plays a significant role in a company’s success, which is why we recommend outsourcing a professional SEO team rather than trying it in-house.

No matter what your budget is, an SEO company will be able to advise you on the most time and cost-effective tactics to obtain the best return on your investment.

An SEO agency comprises experts who stay up to date with all the latest search algorithms and strategies. Plus, they bring an unbiased, fresh perspective that can truly take your website’s visibility to the next level.

Considering how important search engine optimisation is to your success, make sure your campaign is being handled by local specialists only.

And the top SEO agencies should also have a holistic digital marketing approach. You should consider the tips below when choosing an SEO company:

  • Choose an SEO Company that is ranking their own website
  • Expert assistance with Google ads and search engine marketing
  • Creating a unique online marketing strategy for your business
  • Ensure they operate ethically and don’t use black hat methods
  • They have case studies and transparent reporting
  • Visit the search engine marketing company in person
  • Do Your Homework and understand the risks

As SEO is a form of organic marketing, you should expect to wait a little longer to see results than if you paid for PPC ads.

This also means that the traffic guarantee of an SEO company will be time sensitive. A reputable marketing agency will guarantee that your chosen targeted keywords will appear on a certain page of Google by a specified date.

Although the Google algorithm is constantly changing, a skilled SEO team is always prepared for changes to ensure the success of their clients.

Domain authority indicates how relevant a webpage is for a certain topic or sector.

Generally speaking, the higher a website’s domain authority, the more likely it is to appear at the top of search results.

Boosting domain authority all comes down to building credibility with search engines. Quality backlinks from other authoritative websites, regularly-updated content, and a strong technical foundation can all help improve a website’s domain authority.

While there isn’t a single magic formula for boosting your site’s position in search results, improving your domain authority is definitely worth considering in order to attract more online traffic.

Backlinks are an essential part of a successful search engine marketing strategy since they demonstrate to the main search engine algorithms that your content is valuable and trustworthy.

It is important to note that not all backlinks are created equal. The more reputable and relevant the source, the better the SEO boost. Each quality backlink serves as a vote of confidence for your website.

If you receive a large number of backlinks from other websites, search engine rankings will prioritise your page, increasing its visibility.

What link-building techniques do you employ to help with rankings?

There are numerous methods available that might assist you in obtaining links from other websites. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 most effective link-building strategies to boost your SEO:

  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research
  • Utilise keyword-rich anchor text
  • Continually update your links
  • Request backlinks from relevant websites
  • Design appealing visuals or infographics for social media
  • Create engaging content that is worth sharing
  • Partner with influencers to reach a wider audience
  • Make use of local SEO by incorporating keywords that indicate the location of your product or service

There are two main approaches to SEO: black hat and white hat.

Black hat SEO relies on tricking Google’s algorithm to boost rankings, whereas white hat SEO focuses on enhancing the user experience.

Black hat tactics can range from keyword stuffing to link farming, and while they may offer short-term gains, they ultimately violate search engine guidelines and often result in getting a site penalised or even banned.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, utilises ethical strategies such as creating quality content, earning natural backlinks and optimising the site for user experience.

As a professional marketing agency, we have access to a range of SEO tools for success. These SEO tools include:

  • Hubspot: Offers comprehensive data on keyword rankings, website performance, and competitor analysis.
  • Semrush: This helps us track and improve a client’s search engine visibility.
  • Ahrefs: Provides valuable insight into a client’s backlink profile.
  • Google search console: Assists us to monitor clicks, impressions, and overall traffic from Google searches.

Each tool serves its own unique purpose, but together they contribute to a thorough and insightful SEO audit.

Yes – First Page provides a dedicated Google penalty recovery service, available to all our clients, big or small.

Consumers will often search for a business before investing in their products or services. This is why a Google search penalty can be detrimental, as customers may no longer be able to see your website in search results.

A Google penalty is usually the result of a breach of Google’s guidelines. Professional recovery services can revert the penalty and increase your website traffic by ensuring your search engine marketing strategy is ethical and safe.

There are benefits to both push and pull marketing when it comes to promoting your product or service.

You should opt for push marketing if you are attempting to spread the word about your product or service, especially a new one. On the other hand, pull marketing is generally the preferred strategy if your main goal is to create buzz about your company and foster loyal customers.

Despite being the easier option, First Page avoids using black hat tactics at all costs. Although black hat strategies might temporarily boost rankings or traffic, we know that they ultimately lead to penalties and a damaged online reputation.

We believe in doing things the right way – creating high-quality content, building genuine connections with customers, and constantly tracking and adjusting our strategies.

At our marketing agency, we focus on creating sustainable, long-term growth for our clients, which is why we will only use white-hat SEO.

A Google algorithm update refers to when Google updates or “tweaks” its algorithm to vary what the SERP displays. These updates enhance results and ensure that users are satisfied with the pages suggested.

As the leading search engine, Google must deliver the most relevant results possible to ensure that users are viewing the best content for their needs. It takes a variety of factors into account, such as user expectations and technology advancements.

As a business owner or marketer, it’s important to stay on top of these updates and adjust your search engine marketing strategy accordingly.

Topical authority is the type of authority established by creating relevant, high-quality content.

The more informative, high-quality content you produce will increase the number of visitors who regard your website as an authoritative, trustworthy source on a particular topic.

Search engines consider various factors to determine topical authority, including content depth and quality, inbound links from other authoritative sites, and user engagement.